abaqus python course

Abaqus Scripting with Python

    • Language: English 
    • Become a professional in modeling and simulation of mechanical systems
    • Learn one of the most demanded software by research institutions, universities and private companies: Abaqus
    • Speed up your work and avoid any mistakes
    • Develop complex models completely confident, starting from zero
    • Solveoptimization problems combining Python and Abaqus
    simulation composite materials with abaqus

    Simulation of composite materials with Abaqus

      • Language: English 
      • Learn step-by-step how to design, build and analyze all sort of finite element models for composite materials
      • I will show you all the concepts required to understand the mechanical response of composites (damage mechanisms, effect of the constituents…) and why numerical models are developed in that way (modeling techniques, pros & cons…)
      • Following a multiscale approach, develop state-of-the-art finite element models at the microscale, mesoscale and macroscale
      • Exploit automated simulation workflows  in Abaqus thanks to Python scripts
      course subroutines in abaqus

      User Subroutines in Abaqus

        • Language: English 
        • Deep dive into more than 12 types of user subroutines
        • Develop lots of user subroutines for real applications both in Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit
        • Combine Python scripts and Fortran subroutines for unbelievable simulations
        • Learn Fortran and C++ from zero
        • Understand everything you need to develop your own V/UMATs and V/UEL
        • Take advantage of ultrafast post-processing thanks to C++ and Fortran