Numerical simulation finite element analysis Abaqus Python

Abaqus Scripting con Python

  • Lenguaje: Español  
  • Conviértete en un profesional del diseño y la simulación mecánica
  • Aprende uno de los softwares más demandados actualmente por empresas y universidades: Abaqus
  • Realiza tu trabajo en mucho menos tiempo y evita errores innecesarios
  • Diseña modelos complejos con plena seguridad, empezando desde cero
  • +14 horas de videoclases + actualizaciones… ¡Verás un nuevo mundo de oportunidades abierto para ti!

The power of Abaqus through Matlab

  • Language: English  
  • Discover how to exploit the simulation capabilities of Abaqus combined with the scientific potential of Matlab
  • Learn how to control Abaqus from any external application. Preprocessing, runnning simulations and postprocessing are possible
  • Design advanced workflows from Matlab and communicate with Abaqus by means of Python scripts
  • +3 hours of videoclasses with practical cases + quizzes + updates…

Simulation of composite materials with Abaqus

  • Language: English 
  • Learn step-by-step how to design, build and analyze all sort of finite element models for composite materials
  • I will show you all the concepts required to understand the mechanical response of composites (damage mechanisms, effect of the constituents…) and why numerical models are developed in that way (modeling techniques, pros & cons…)
  • Following a multiscale approach, develop state-of-the-art finite element models at the microscale, mesoscale and macroscale
  • Exploit automated simulation workflows  in Abaqus thanks to Python scripts

Controlling Abaqus from external Apps

  • Language: English 
  • Control Abaqus from any other application (Excel, Matlab…)
  • Introduce any custom functionality creating your own plug-ins into Abaqus/CAE
  • Learn how to create your own Python application which can interact with Abaqus!
  • 8 hours of recorded sessions including all the additional materials (Python scripts, Abaqus plug-ins, Matlab scripts, Excel files, and full Python project)